Riviera Club

Doing the Wave

Your New Beach Clothes

UD - Riviera Club Right about now, you're probably wishing you were at the beach.

And that it were a little hotter out. And that Rachel McAdams were joining you.

But of course, you'll need something to wear. (Something new...Rachel has seen most of your closet.) Which brings us to Riviera Club, a sunny, surfy new clothing line scheduled to arrive at Ron Herman this weekend.

Basically, these are the clothes to bring some preppy class to your next bonfire party...or some bonfire-party casualness to your next preppy wine tasting. (The creators divide their time between Venice and Santa Barbara, so they're familiar with both scenes.)

They're the kind of clothes that make you want to run to the beach and frolic in the water (with or without your clothes on).

The clothes are inspired by a man named Bunker Spreckels, a surf god and legendary lothario. (Known from California to Hawaii, Bunker once boasted about 90 female conquests in a single week. We can't promise the same results for you, but wearing his shirt wouldn't hurt.)

You'll start seeing the goods at Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue soon, but we're told the first shipment is headed to Ron Herman on Melrose pretty much right now.

Luckily, that's on your way to the beach.


Riviera Club
available at Ron Herman
8100 Melrose Ave
(at Crescent Heights)
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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