Dub Step

Never Update Your Contacts List Again

UD - Dub Me Now It's a topsy-turvy world.

You're a CEO one minute. The next, a chauffeur. People join startups and leave before anything starts up. Basically, it's like Trading Places out there. But less funny.

So you need something to keep track of these comings and goings, the moves and shakes that define the chaos and insanity that surrounds you.

And ideally, that something would fit in your pocket.

Welcome to DUB, an iPhone and BlackBerry app that ensures you'll never lose another contact again, available now.

If you've ever wished pocket-size robots could run your Rolodex, this is your app. Essentially, it takes your contacts list and watches over it so you don't have to. So when you're out, and you bump into your next potential investor/co-worker/stunningly attractive intern, the app will add their digits to your contacts list—and then sync it to everyone's respective LinkedIn profiles.

And then, whatever happens next, you'll have their info—even if you lose your phone. (Stranger things have happened.) They get promoted to a corner office, you'll have their new number. They get poached by Apple, you'll be able to request an iPad the next day. They give up on business development and go into "urban farming," you'll know who to call for some eggs. They finally dump that no-good i-banker boyfriend...

Actually, you might need another source for that.

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