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This time of year, you've got options.

A certain sports magazine just put out its Swimsuit Issue. A certain Secret-ive lingerie line is making its Valentine's Day push. And that's fine...

But we've found something else—something so sexy and so subversive, we thought you should know about it this very minute.

Welcome to the Girls of Etsy, a concept just crazy enough to work...

That's right—beyond the girly veneer and the crafternoon-ready hand-knit scarves, there is a hidden treasure trove of curiously attractive women modeling...things. Sexy things—like vintage swimsuits and curvy corsets and hand-made lingerie (which, if you're in a pinch, might come in handy this weekend). And there are, yes, loads and loads of these women.

And while we don't recommend abandoning Bar Refaeli or Brooklyn Decker just yet, we do think there's something to be said for a woman willing to pose in more revealing shots online, all without the benefit of a makeup crew or Photoshop. And there's something more to be said for sneaking into this den of female-friendly wonder, and finding the stunning women there. And not that you would worry about such things, but the only thing left behind in your browser is a trail of innocent-looking etsy.com sites.

Still, we've spared you the trouble—here, a few of our favorites. Enjoy responsibly.

Or irresponsibly.

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