Corporate Waste

How Much Money You've Lost This Morning

UD - MeetorDie Meetings. Necessary, sure, but boring. And evil. And boring.

And your time is valuable—much too valuable to waste it in one. Just think of what you could be doing: saving the whales. Casting next year's Swimsuit Issue. Modeling for next year's Swimsuit Issue.

But to put an exact price on how much time you're wasting, you'll want to try MEETorDIE, a new website devoted to putting a price tag on the time lost in yet another pointless meeting.

It works like this: go to the site. Punch in your company name and your industry (test driving exotic sports cars). Say how long the meeting is—as in, actual time (hours), not how long it feels like (forever). Say how many people were at the meeting (12 people—your boss, eight middle-management types, an assistant, the assistant's assistant). And you'll get a dollar value on the time wasted.

So let's say you work in aviation (astronaut), and someone calls a meeting on rules on spacewalking and drinking. So you, a couple pencil-pushers from accounting, a guy who seems to only handle stapling and that chimp who tests the rockets end up in a six-hour meeting. Your total: fifty thousand wasted dollars.

And if you think your time is valuable, think of the chimp's.

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