Heart Attack Grill

General Hospital

Hamburgers. Fries. Nurses.

UD - Heart Attack Grill Once upon a time, meat was simple. Kill. Cook. Devour. Repeat.

But today, you have options. Sometimes you want the elegance of a steak, charred and delivered to you by a white-gloved, tuxedoed gentleman you might call Jeeves.

And there are other times. Times when you want it in patty form, stacked high and drizzled with grease, and delivered by a beautiful woman who happens to be wearing a nurse's uniform. In Arizona.

Welcome to the Heart Attack Grill, a road-trip-worthy (and hospital-themed) combination of burgers, fries and sexy nurses, up and running in Chandler, Arizona.

Now, clearly this isn't some refined place that's devoted to serving you grass-fed beef and house-made organic ketchup. Instead, you'll sit down and order up your choice of four burgers, which progress from the Single to the Quadruple Bypass—four patties stacked high atop each other, like a Leaning Tower of Ground Beef. Your chef: a man in a white lab coat flipping beef behind the counter. His name: Dr. Jon. (We're pretty sure he isn't really a doctor.)

To go with your burger, you'll find an airy selection of fine wines, vegetable juices and wheat-germ-based teas. Actually, no—the joint serves up a hardened selection of fries (deep-fried and lard), hard liquor and that oft-forgotten fifth food group, unfiltered cigarettes. Your prescription is doled out by "nurses," a bevy of sexy women outfitted like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Heart Attack Grill
6185 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ, 85226

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