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A South End Favorite Gets a Makeover

When it comes to makeovers, there's a delicate line separating the good from the bad.

The change needs to be focused on taking what already works and just making it better with key improvements (see: Jeremy Piven), without going overboard and ruining what everyone loved about you (see: Meg Ryan).

Applying this in bar form: Pops Restaurant, starting off 2010 with a new bar, new menus and a new cocktail-friendly feel, now reopened for you in the South End.

When you walk in, the first thing you'll notice that's different is the brand-new 14-seat gleaming white bar, which replaces a long stretch of tables (we'll take bottles of booze over two-tops any day). Meanwhile, the three-seat bar that served you so well in the past has been subbed out for a roomy black leather booth fitting about the same number of people (imbibing should be done with ample space).

And because a new vibe is the perfect time to introduce new offerings, Pops is unleashing a 26-strong craft cocktail list as well as a completely new tapas menu. Which means your Tempura Shrimp Stuffed Peppers will be made all the better with a Yuzu Lemon Drop. Or if you're feeling aggressive, there's a high-octane Absinthe Horchata to wash down your Grilled Espresso Lamb Chops.

We always prefer espresso with our absinthe.

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