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The Most Romantic Tables in Town

Consider this a friendly warning: there are exactly 31 days until the "holiday" known as Valentine's Day, and reservation lines are open now. That means it's time for you to take some swift and decisive action—by picking up the phone. As we've always (okay, maybe once) said, it's not the restaurant that matters, it's the table...

UD - Table 31, Blue Hill

Table 31, Blue Hill

After President Obama took the First Lady here for dinner, she issued a statement that was just a recording of herself saying, "Mmmmm." Away from the prying eyes of admirers and lobbyists, you'll find this table's the perfect place to learn your date's stance on the issues—though you can assume she's in the "pro-chocolate bread pudding" camp.

Why it's right: You're in favor of any situation that increases the likelihood of your date calling you "Mr. President."

Blue Hill, 75 Washington Place (near Sixth Ave), 212-539-1776

UD - The Private Table, Hotel Griffou

The Private Table, Hotel Griffou

If your plan to charter a 787 to a heart-shaped Caribbean island covered in rose petals fell through, you can still go over the top in the private room of this dimly lit, Clue mansion-style parlor: by sitting across from her at the medieval-looking 10-seater, where you can enjoy the kind of lavish, extended dining table you usually see in mansions. (This place has better service, though.)

Why it's right: Because nothing says overindulgent romance like putting a mile of champagne between you and your date.

Hotel Griffou, 21 W Ninth St (between Fifth and Sixth Ave), 212-358-0228

UD - Table 5, Bohemian

Table 5, Bohemian

Your night begins where all great romances do: a Japanese butcher shop, which you have to pass to get to this back-corner table. You'll sit next to the Bohemian's tiny garden, where you and your date will get a side of Zen (and Washu-Gyu Mini Burgers).

Why it's right: If you've seen enough Japanese movies, you know the appearance of a Washu-Gyu burger always precedes the steamy stuff.

Bohemian, 57 Great Jones St (west of Bowery). We've got a reservation for two. Email to tell us why it should be yours

UD -  Table 22, Casa La Femme

Table 22, Casa La Femme

Sometimes you just want to crawl into a tent with your date and draw the curtain. Just remember to raise the curtain when your server comes bearing gifts of couscous, grape leaves and wine.

Why it's right: If things go wrong, there's always the belly dancers. And if things go really right, there's the belly dancers.

Casa La Femme, 140 Charles St, (between Washington and Greenwich), 212-505-8129

UD - Table 30, Mari Vanna

Table 30, Mari Vanna

After you and your date pass through the apartment-like setting of Russian books, portraits and dolls, you'll settle in at this back-corner table, which boasts the place's prime seat: a throne-like recliner. Go ahead, let your date sit there—but make her promise to give you a turn.

Why it's right: Finally, you can relive the famous beef stroganoff and vodka love scene from War and Peace.

Mari Vanna, 1 E 20th St (near Park Ave S), 212-777-1955

UD - The Table, Private French

The Table, Private French

The problem with your apartment is that it's not a French restaurant. But you can get the same privacy and much better confit de canard here—where you'll also have the only table in the otherwise empty gallery room. 

Why it's right: It's private, but be warned of a polite intruder, intent on serving you foie gras and Bordeaux. He is the waiter, and he is your friend.

UD - Table 40, The Breslin

Table 40, The Breslin

By drawing the flannel curtains around this private booth, you'll seal yourself and your amorous colleague in a dark nook of romantic possibility—and when the mood strikes for a Manhattan or the occasional pig's foot, just push a button to summon your server. They don't take reservations, but fortunately, you possess the one form of currency a hostess will humor: beef shin. Unfortunately, they already have that.

Why it's right: Your date is so much more than a piece of meat. Same goes for the char-grilled lamb burger.

The Breslin, 16 W 29th St (between Broadway and Fifth Ave), 212-679-2222

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