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Published June 10, 2009

Pity The Fou
Your New Hidden Supper Club

Things are rarely what they seem.
Take for instance, 21 W. 9th Street. By all accounts a quaint-looking apartment building on a quiet block just off Washington Square. But when you step past its unmarked blue awning and down a few steps, prepare yourself for a little shock and awe.
Enter Hotel Griffou, a world of wonders filled with hidden chambers, parlor rooms, Lobster Thermidor Fondue and a few hanging fox hides—opening one week from today to host your wild private parties, covert dinner dates and sultry cocktailing. Below, your first tour of the lair...
A visit to Griffou (note: despite the name, bedding down is frowned upon), will whisk you into what seems like an underground version of the Clue mansion with gin instead of the lead pipe. The space is a collection of six connected rooms, each with its own personality—meaning, you'll need a plan.
Start in the large, dark, wood bedecked barroom where you can plot out your evening over a couple of old fashioneds. You'll have your pick of the Library—complete with musty portraits, old books, hunter green everywhere and candlelit wooden tables—or a small, dimly lit cave of a private dining room with a large 14-seat wooden table—if you're dining or drinking with a few discerning chaps.
If you're attempting to curry the favor of a culturally adventurous ladyfriend, tuck into the wildly pink-and-red Salon—dotted with unfinished paintings on easels and bench seating—or the Terrace, where skylights keep you somewhat connected to the world above.
Because remember, at some point you have to check out.
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Photo by: Adrian Wilson