Macku Sushi

Happy Returns

The Return of the Macku Daddy

Recently—very recently, in fact—you found yourself waxing nostalgic about old acquaintances.

Well, consider this an unexpected friend request from just such an acquaintance…but with more sake.

Introducing Macku Sushi, a snug Lincoln Park sushi den offering a menu of fresh sushi, hot sake and endless possibilities, open now.

Okay, we know the first thing you're thinking: you don't remember any Macku Sushi. (No, it isn't because of that sake.) Welcome to the reinvention of Roscoe Village's sorely missed Kaze.

You'll be greeted by a familiar face when you enter, when Kaze Chan looks up from the precision slicing of his signature pristine hamachi (topped with a banana pepper) to offer you a hearty welcome. But it's Kaze's brother Macku—in the kitchen whipping up venison, duck and beef tenderloin—with his name above the door this time.

The tiny bar in this cozy one-room space is fine for that quick carafe of hot sake and a spider roll before you scurry through the cold to Webster Place theater. But a long, celery-green banquette, candlelit tables and plates of toro tartare (sprinkled with a rainbow of roe), might just make you want to linger.

You have a lot of catching up to do.


Macku Sushi
2239 N. Clybourn Ave
(btwn Janssen and Greenview)
Chicago, IL, 60614

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