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UD - Habitforge So here we are.

Day four of the new year, and already your resolutions are in trouble. On January 1, your bubbly brunch somehow turned into bubbly dinner and dessert. On Saturday, you cashed out your 401(k) and put it all on the Bengals. And last night, well…let's just say you didn't go running this morning.

What we're saying is, if this is going to be the year you truly, finally, change for the better—by which we mean, "become an occasional jogger"—you're going to need a little help.

Here to do just that: Habitforge, a new website that sends you one daily reminder to keep trucking on whatever you've resolved to do, online now.

In short, it's like getting a daily email from your personal online life coach, only you'll never have to utter the term "personal life coach." When you sign up, you'll say what you want to accomplish ("run every day" or "consume alcohol only six nights a week"). If you're worried about slipping up (it's possible), you can add a reminder of why you're doing it. ("So Scarlett will return my calls.")

And then, it's simple. For the next three weeks, you'll get a short, daily email, asking if you worked toward your goal. Click "Yes," and you'll get a note of congrats from the site, spelled out in a big letters. (You'll also get a progress update on how you're doing.) Click "No," and you'll get a stern warning, and your goal clock will reset to zero.

Then again, it's not like you resolved to start telling the truth.

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