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UD - C-Shapes Fine Custom Surfboards No one lays pipe the way you do.

We're talking about surfing, obviously.

And now that the winter surfing season has kicked into gear, we're thinking you might need a new wave-rider, in the same way da Vinci occasionally needed to buy a new paintbrush.

Here to help you reach the surfing promised land: C-Shapes Fine Custom Surfboards.

Think of C-Shapes as a world-class tailoring shop on London's Savile Row, only instead of working with clothes, its founder, Carlos Reyes, pumps out handmade, customized surfboards. (A little background on Reyes: he's been doing this for seven years, he's a savant with the wood sander and he literally blesses each board he makes.)

Start by making your way to Reyes's studio in North Miami, where he'll get to work on a high-grade foam masterpiece based on your height, weight, surfing experience and preferences. There is no style Reyes can't do: short, long, hybrid, gun…even egg/retro.

Once you decide on the perfect dimensions, it's time to choose the colors and images to best express your surfing aplomb (Reyes has done everything from graffiti to photos of Bob Marley). And lest you think your private wish might be too strange, keep in mind that Scott Storch asked for a small, waterproof compartment for "special stuff."

Gum, we're assuming.


C-Shapes Fine Custom Surfboards
7328 NW Miami Ct
Miami, FL, 33151

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