Sunda Private Dining

Top Secret

Your Own Private Sunda

It's the holiday season, and you're once again overcome with the spirit of giving. Or at least giving a party.

Here to satisfy your generous impulses: The Private Dining Room at Sunda, a discreet hideaway nestled above this year's hottest sushi-and-sake haven, now ready to book your less-than-discreet blowouts.

To find the space, pass the sushi bar, head straight to the back of the restaurant and make an abrupt left. (Just make sure you're not being followed.) Climb the stairs and you'll enter a space that like feels like the coolest loft in Beijing, with antique Chinese paintings, distressed wooden floors and a chef's table resplendent with delicate, precious canapés ready for your inspection.

When hosting your office cocktail reception or sit-down dinner party, you'll find that chef Rodelio Aglibot will accommodate your demands for his greatest hits: that Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice, those Lemongrass Beef Lollipops and the Devil's Basket heavy with chilies and soft-shell crabs.

But once all your guests have laughed, gorged on sushi and gotten tipsy on sake, send them on their way. That's when you'll find chef Rodelio and quietly ask him about the intimate, limited-seating parties he's planning to host here on Monday and Tuesday nights—ten-course extravaganzas where you'll feast on rare Scottish salmon, New Zealand abalone, real Japanese Kobe beef and, naturally, caviar.

Which just happens to be your favorite stocking stuffer.


Sunda Private Dining
110 W. Illinois St.
(between Clark and Wells)
Chicago, IL, 60654
312-943-7600 ext. 13

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