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In a city ruled by movies, the theater is our palace.

Time, then, to seriously upgrade the palace.

Welcome to a land of recliners and martinis known as Gold Class Cinemas, now selling tickets for its Wednesday debut. (Or should we say premiere…)

To find it, take to the alleys behind Colorado Boulevard, and descend to the deep underground (this took over the shell of a long-popular mainstream theater, so there's a small lobby and then two pretty long descending escalators).

You probably already got your tickets online, but they recommend you arrive 45 minutes early. That way they can show you to a couch in the lounge and you'll have time to down some Blue Cheese Potato Chips (there's fondue involved) and a Vanilla Manhattan.

But imbibing doesn't have to stop at showtime—each of the six screening rooms has a max of 40 seats, all recliners, and all equipped with a magic button that'll summon utensil-free fare like Duck Tacos and Housemade Beignets anytime during the show, thanks to some ninja-style servers dressed in black. Your tab will follow you inside, and a check will magically appear just before the credits.

Of course, it's not suitable for all audiences…ticket prices go as high as $29. But when catching up on your overwrought Oscar contenders, you do what you can to get through.

We hear the Manhattan's a shoo-in for Best Supporting Cocktail.


Gold Class Cinemas
at One Colorado
42 Miller Alley
Pasadena, CA, 91103


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