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UD - Movie Posters Today, we'd like to turn your attention to a magical place called Hollywood. 

Specifically, the things you'd change if you were put in charge. Among them: Salma Hayek would be legally required to appear in all movies (and in various states of undress). Travolta's career would have ended after Get Shorty. And the posters—they'd be cooler and worthy of being hung up in a museum, or at least your living room.

Good news: we've been on the horn with Salma all morning.

More good news: we'd like to introduce you to Claudia Varosio Prints and Posters, a collection of reimagined blockbuster movie posters from an alternate (and more stylish) universe, available now.

Think of it as a hipper, more grown-up take on that masterpiece you hung up back in school (we speak, of course, of Belushi modeling his "College" sweatshirt). The artist (that would be Claudia) starts with an iconic image from a movie—like a gun-slinging Eastwood's silhouette from A Fistful of Dollars, or Uma's curvy body from Pulp Fiction—and begins crafting her own, attractively twisted, retro take on it. Then, when she's finished, she handprints it and ships it your way.

But should her tastes run a little niche for you—maybe the French movies are a little too…French—you should know that she's taking requests. Send her the name of the movie you want, suggest a couple scenes and she'll send you a poster back.

For our sake, don't ask for Basic Instinct.


Claudia Varosio Prints and Posters

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