Tweaked Out

The Opposite of Black Friday Insanity

UD - Tweak99 Black Friday is almost at hand, and you're ready. Ready to avoid it entirely.

You really don't need all that commotion, at least not with an ingenious little shop like Tweak99 now at your disposal—everything's unusual, pre-wrapped and $99.99 or less. Boom. You're done.

The store doesn't look like much from Third Street, but if you slip inside after brunch at Joan's across the way, you'll find the kind of well-edited stock that'll take care of your list.

To the left are the $50 and under items, from socks emblazoned with the image of a bootstrap knife (almost as intimidating as the real thing) to a bottle-cap tripod (screw it on your water bottle and yes, your bottle is now a tripod for your camera).

To the right are the $50 to $99.99 goods, like a glue bowl (it looks like a fancy glass bowl, but it's malleable…because it's made of glue) to salt-and-pepper shakers on wheels (thereby allowing you to start asking, "Can you roll me the salt?").

The shop is open at least through January 15, so your holiday shopping is taken care of, as well as your New Year's resolution.

More glue bowls.


8383 W. Third St
(W. of Kings)
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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