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Wall Street: The Game

UD - Kapitall Wow. For a while there, the stock market felt almost like a game, played with Monopoly money. And we were all losing.

Well, we don't want to jinx anything, but the Dow is back above 10 grand. And suddenly, treating the market like a game again doesn't seem like such a bad idea…

Introducing Kapitall, a site that turns your stock portfolio into a video game fit for the Wii—in beta now. (Sadly, there's no Wiimote.)

Start with the "DNA quiz"—look for the double-helix icon up top—which asks you a series of questions that are highly relevant to the investing process: who's your favorite superhero, what's your favorite movie, what kind of music do you like. Then, it'll weigh your answers and spit out your investing style. (Apparently, Batman-loving, rock-listening, Godfather fans are passive investors.)

After that, you're given a list of other like-minded traders, with whom you can swap tips and/or subtly instant-message when you hit a winner. You'll also get a list of stocks you might want, which you can invest in just by dragging and dropping their logos into your portfolio (hint: let yourself be tempted by that apple icon).

And, of course, you could just discard the whole thing and go rogue.

We don't mean running for vice president.

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