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UD - MyDNA Antiquity You've long argued that there's one thing Einstein, Babe Ruth and Richard Nixon had in common: they smelled fantastic.

And now—finally—you can join their esteemed and musky company. And it's all thanks to the magic of DNA…

Enter MyDNA Antiquity, a new line of fragrances engineered from the DNA of dead celebrities, available for your olfactory pleasure now.

You might have heard of MyDNA before—they got their start making customized fragrances from regular folks' DNA. But now they've set their sights on something considerably more challenging: turning dead celebs' DNA into all-new colognes.

Okay, we realize how ridiculous this is, but what if you could harvest just a fraction of Fred Astaire's not inconsiderable charm (and scent). The science behind it is a bit murky—it involves something called mitochondrial analysis and a "renowned celebrity hair collector" (nice work if you can get it)—but sometimes you've got to have a little faith to smell gently of Eau de Custer.

Their first batch of colognes include iQ—it's made from Einstein's DNA and comes in an aluminum light bulb—which should put you in the right frame of nose for a big meeting. If you're looking to impress a date, try a dash of Blue Suede, which is harvested from Elvis's genes.

Assuming, of course, that he's actually dead.

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