Bakin' & Eggs

The Baconists

Your New BYOB Brunch Temple

Nightlife Rule #332: The importance of brunch is directly proportional to the enormity of the Saturday night that preceded it.

Rule #332, Part B: Especially when that Saturday night happens on Wednesday.

Introducing Bakin' & Eggs, this town's newest breakfast/lunch/brunch temple, slated to open bright and early Thursday morning. (For you, the "early" part is strictly optional.)

It offers the laid-back charm of a Nantucket B&B, but you can roll in when you want—the Bacon-Battered Waffles or Banana-Bread French Toast will wait for you—because breakfast is served all day.

And maybe it's those whitewashed church pews, formerly of St. Alphonsus Church up the street, that give you the sense that today anything is possible—as long as "anything" means you can get bacon in any dish, whether it's pumpkin pancakes, a meatloaf sandwich or PB&J. If you think your Intelligentsia needs a pork stirrer, they'll work with you.

You'll even find lunch larded with things like mac 'n' Gouda topped with bacon and bread crumbles, and obscene amounts of B on your BLT. Then, of course, there's a bacon flight, so you can sample applewood-smoked, cured and jalapeño bacon in one fell swoop. We've even heard rumors they're working on a bacon chocolate chip cookie.

Because what's brunch without dessert.


Bakin' & Eggs
3120 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL, 60657

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