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Germany's Finest Overnight Power Plant

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It happens every time you tour a German geothermal power plant: you find yourself thinking, "With a little gold leaf, a lot of plated glass and a well-placed sauna, this place could be an amazing hotel."

Okay, maybe not. But if you ever had, it would've looked like this.

Feast your eyes on the Rhine's newest gem, the Kameha Grand Bonn, a baroque fever dream of a hotel housed in an old power plant, opening November 15 and taking reservations now.

Imagine a grand European hotel adorned with an extra dose of crazy: think urn-shaped golden pillars, ghostly photomurals and sci-fi chandeliers. You'll eat dinner under a shining flax-colored zeppelin, then take in the sunset from a rooftop infinity pool, before bedding down beside floor-to-ceiling windows less than a hundred feet from the banks of the Rhine (i.e., streaking distance).

As for where you'll be bedding down, they offer an array of themed rooms, including a music-themed space called the Beethoven Suite. We recommend staying down the hall, though, in the Game Suite: it's decked out with a pinball machine, dartboard and putting green—in short, everything you need for a fulfilling life.

If you count the minibar.


Kameha Grand Bonn
Am Bonner Bogen 1
53227 Bonn


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