Take It to the Board

A Movie Star's Trivial Pursuits

UD - Liebrary Some actresses really know how to make a splash.

Take Daryl Hannah. She's mixed up roles as your first mermaid fantasy (and, in Kill Bill, your first one-eyed-nurse fantasy) with stints living in a tree in South Central, trying to save an urban farm. And now, Daryl Hannah would like to sell you a board game.

It's called Liebrary, and it's on sale now. (Yes, all of this is true.)

Created by Hannah and Hilary Shepard, the game is here to add a little literary flair to your living room's Hollywood nights.

How it works: you'll draw a card that gives you a book title and a short summary of that book. (You remember books—they're like scripts, without the brads.)

After taking a moment to summon a razor-sharp witticism or killer metaphor, everybody submits a sentence that could've (or should've) been the book's first line. The more suckers you can convince that your stirring prose was actually the writer's, the closer to the finish line you become.

It also helps if you're able to suss out the real deal from all the wannabes out there.

Think of it as casting.

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