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UD - Stereomood.com Imagine, if you will, a late night: you've drawn the curtains, turned down the lights, maybe poured a little wine…

And ideally, someone else is there with you.

Whatever the case, you still need one more thing: mood music. And since you need to keep your mind on more important things, we'd like to introduce you to your own personal music director…

Meet Stereomood.com, a site where you type in your mood, and mood music automatically begins to play, taking your requests now.

We recommend giving it a try tomorrow night after the afterparties, by which point you'll have probably heard "Thriller" approximately one billion times. You'll need to be somewhere with Internet access—ideally her place or yours, though in a pinch, any public library should work. Head to the site, and you'll be confronted with a list of words that do their best to represent your feelings—click on one, and you'll be greeted with a playlist of songs that align with exactly what you need to hear, almost as if by magic. (Emphasis on almost.)

So hit "Groovy" and you'll hear some Funkadelic. Pick "High" and you'll hear, well, a lot of what you'll hear on "Groovy," plus more reggae. Click "Making Love" and you'll get something suitably seductive from noted French swordsman Serge Gainsbourg. 

And some Notorious B.I.G.

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