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The Wagyu Truck Rolls Into Town

UD - Frites ’N’ Meats Call us old-fashioned, but we like our food stationary.

On a plate. Placed on a table. And housed in a building that's not subject to the whims of tunnel traffic and rogue bike-messenger attacks.

But, if a massive street cruiser filled with pedigreed chefs and stockpiled with Wagyu beef rolls into town, then, and perhaps only then, might we be willing to jump on the food wagon bandwagon.

What we're talking about here is Frites 'N' Meats,the very first food truck to sling luxurious Wagyu burgers from the road, debuting today on the corner of Greenwich and Chambers.

Mobile or otherwise, the burger components read like a who's who of foodstuffs: potato-onion buns from Balthazar; Brie, goat and Gruyère from Murray's Cheese; and, of course, the grass-fed Wagyu from famed butchers DeBragga and Spitler. Even the condiments—homemade savory onion jam and applewood smoked bacon—have all the hallmarks of being carefully mixed in some Swiss grandmother's alpine cottage.

And while most great burger joints selfishly require you to come to them (we're looking at you, Minetta), the Frites truck will be double-parked in the most strategic of locations: FiDi for lunch and smack dab in the center of the MPD for late-night noshing.

From the fire right into the frying pan.

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