Hardly Working

Pretending to Work, Made Easier

UD - Can't You See I'm Busy We know how it is—you've got a lot of work to do that, somehow, just isn't going to do itself.

And yet, you know that the moment you take a little break—say, check in for the latest on Balloon Boy (still a hoax)—you might just get caught.

So today, we're going undercover. Because you deserve a little break from work—and preferably one that looks like work.

Introducing Can't You See I'm Busy, a new site that cleverly makes your games at work look like, well, work, online now.

We know—you would never waste company time by playing games at the office. But let's say, hypothetically, that one afternoon you feel like blowing off a little steam. Just click over to this site and fire up one of three games, all disguised to look like the dullest work imaginable. So when you're playing a BrickBreaker-style game called Breakdown, your underlings think you're stressing out over a Word document called "Index Breakdown 2009" (complete with Office Space-style corporate b.s. like your company's "current trading and outlook for the year ahead.") Or spend your day playing "Leadership," an Asteroids-style contest that's brilliantly disguised as some marketing graphs.

And because we know you're worried about how much money you're losing by screwing around, we want you to know that the site calculates that for you. (It's based in Europe, so you'll have to convert from Euros. Which counts as work, we think.) And if you happen to rank among the top scorers, you'll become one of the site's employees of the month.

Unfortunately, you don't get a parking spot.

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