Y Not

Your New Designated (Scooter) Driver

UD - Y Drive LA Today, on a very special episode of UrbanDaddy LA, we present the following scenario…

You've had a great night.

The kind of unexpected great night that's going to mean a rough morning. The kind that means your car is going to have to stay where it is.

Or maybe it won't. Introducing Y Drive LA—a revolutionary new service that'll get you home safely without the morning-after headaches of cabbing home...then cabbing back to your car in the morning…then dealing with the parking ticket…then forgetting where you live…

Here's what happens. You go out. You experience that surreal, literally intoxicating blur of haphazardly spinning clocks, trapeze nets and/or alluring vampires that can only be found in our fair city. Once you realize your night has gotten out of hand, call the anonymous man in a silver suit jacket. He'll show up, put his scooter in your trunk, drive you home without saying a word, then scoot off into the night.

And in the morning, you'll wake up to find your car right where it belongs.

Like last night never happened. Except for the good parts.

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