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11 Photos National Boss's Day
UD - National Boss's Day 11 Photos National Boss's Day
The anticipation's been building. You've been counting the days. But finally, it's here: National Boss's Day, the not-at-all made-up holiday devoted to those brave souls who get things done—or, better yet, have someone else do it for them.

And as Hollywood has shown (and as our slideshow proves), some of those souls are easier on the eyes than they are on their subordinates.

Think Demi Moore dressing down Michael Douglas in Disclosure or Cameron Diaz dropping by the locker room in Any Given Sunday. Back in the day, you had Faye Dunaway calling the shots in Network, not to mention Octopussy doing the same in…Octopussy. (She ran a circus, and had her own all-female cult—where do we sign up?)

In the '90s, vixens like Heather Locklear, Pam Anderson and Robin Givens all reminded us who's the boss. (Our apologies to Judith Light.) And there's Lucy Liu as the ferocious yakuza chief in Kill Bill, Courteney Cox's seductive tabloid editor in Dirt, Tina Fey's cleavage-baring Liz Lemon and The Office's Jan Levinson using her assistant to set up trysts with Michael Scott.

Which reminds us: he didn't make the list. Enjoy here.

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