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Tempura Short Ribs in the West Village

You show proper decorum when needed, but your real expertise lies in doing things you shouldn't.

So you'll be happy—possibly even ecstatic—to hear there's a groundbreaking new bar in the West Village that shares your rebel spirit: BarFry, a narrow and chalkboard-heavy American-style tempura pub opening later this week. Launched by chef Josh DeChellis (Sumile Sushi), BarFry is the first tempura bar in New York.

Among the vices it encourages:

Fried foods. You can indulge your inner canola oil-enthusiast with more than 20 greenmarket vegetables, rare meats and seafood items dipped deep into DeChellis's secret tempura batter. Try the Pumpkin, the crispy Cod with Wasabi Remoulade or the genius Beef Beignet, which brings together two of your favorites, doughnuts and short ribs.

Beer. Fill your glass with Blue Point Blueberry Ale, Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout—or a beer made specifically for BarFry: Gaijin Pale Ale from Oregon's Rogue Brewery. There's also wine and cocktails (like the elusive Sake Sangria), all of which you can keep cold in the clever 23-foot ice trough that runs the length of the steel bar.

Graffiti. For your poetic enjoyment, the cozy bathrooms are outfitted with floor-to-ceiling chalkboards and a tray of chalk next to the soap.

Because nothing screams rule-breaker like a couple of pilsner-fueled haikus.


50 Carmine
(between Bedford and Bleecker)
West Village
New York, NY, 10014

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