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Stocking Up on Hayes Street

UD - Acrimony In real estate, and in life, it's all about location.

Like landing the corner office, or finding yourself elbow to elbow with an Audrey Tautou look-alike at the bar...

Or, if you're a store, moving from no-man's-land onto one of the trendiest streets in town.

Welcome the new Acrimony, still your go-to shop for those obscure-but-wearable labels that help you garner praise for your razor-sharp appearance, open now as a bolder, badder version of itself in its new digs on Hayes Street.

We know you're a sentimentalist, but once you step inside this maze of a shop, the former box this store used to live in will be a distant memory. And this is a good thing because this means easy access to a bigger selection of the kind of gear you rely on to keep everyone else guessing.

And by "easy access" we mean right on the Hayes Street strip—in close proximity of your daily Blue Bottle run or Absinthe bite. So it won't be a stretch for you to stop in every so often. Which would make shop-owner/buyer Jenny Chung like your own personal stylist. So, if you were looking to go for the, say, hipster James Bond look with a Wings + Horn cardigan and a Nom de Guerre tailored shirt, she'll outfit you so that you can continue to look comfortable tipping back martinis in dive bars.

Which brings us back to Audrey.


333 Hayes St
(at Franklin)
San Francisco, CA, 94102

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