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Nice Shirts and Nice Bags in Hayes Valley

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You: Fall is coming.

Us: Glad you brought that up, because we have someone we’d like you to meet.

Ernest Alexander: Hi. I made you a new sliver of a store called... Ernest Alexander, and it’s filled with nice things for covering your torso and toting around your personal effects. It’s now open in Hayes Valley and here’s what it looks like.

Great. Thanks, everyone. And now we move on...

Ernest is the hardworking grandson of a long line of Latvian seamstresses. This is his second shop and follows his successful NYC venture, where everything’s still designed and made.

Swing by before a weekend trip to Napa and pick up a canvas duffel. Or a checked shirt for a casual-but-not-too-casual date. Or a messenger bag for whenever that sounds like a good idea. Just come if you need a shirt or a bag.

Geography-wise, on one side of the store: so many of those bags. Work ones, travel ones, tote ones. All the ones. There’s wallets and things, too.

On the other side: shirts. Chambray, Japanese cotton, stripes, checks. You’ll also find some nice silk ties—the result of a collaboration with an Italian silk-tie maker.

Turns out, he was the right guy to get involved.


Ernest Alexander
327 Hayes St
(near Franklin)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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