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Outdoorsy Flannels and Such on Hayes

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You’re on a fly-fishing excursion.

You’re pointing at a hawk in Tahoe.

You’re by the fire, playing a questionable rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Point is: flannel.

Times like these call for flannel.

Enter Pladra, a new shop filled with many fine flannel shirts and a few not-flannel shirts, but
those aren’t the point right now, open this very moment on Hayes. (Here’s
your slideshow

The founder is big into fly-fishing and hiking. And somewhere between casting rods and lacing boots, he
figured out how to produce these button-ups right here in our fair city.

Step inside and appreciate his commitment to the theme. Observe the wooden shelves and taxidermy animals
that surround you. If you must know, that’s Monica, the mongoose. And over there, that’s Timothy, the
wild boar.

If you’re heading to a temperate outdoorsy location, grab a lighter-weight flannel. If you’re off
someplace colder, like Mongolia, or the Giants game, try the heavier one.

They’re all Portuguese-cotton flannel and come in plaids like Bruised Blue and Rust Red. Some have leather
elbow patches, some don’t. And if you roll up your sleeves, you’ll find the inside cuffs printed with
elk or bears or whatever else.

You weren’t getting out of this without cuff bears.


325 Hayes St
(at Franklin)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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