It Takes Twones

Like Pandora Meets iTunes

UD - Twones As you already know, it's Monday. That time of the week when you sit down, fire up the computer and begin counting down the seconds until five o'clock Friday night. (About 367,200 to go, not that you asked.)

But before you get back to the grind, take a minute for yourself. In fact, we'd like you to sit back, relax and maybe slip into something more comfortable.

Like some headphones.

Then head over to Twones.com, a site that lets you listen to all your music, all in one place, in private beta now.

Because in the beginning, there was Winamp. And it was good. But then there was iTunes. And Last.fm. And Pandora. And before you knew it, you were digging through five programs and six browser windows just to track down that '80s power ballad you've got stuck in your head. (Hint: it's Journey. It's always Journey.)

Search no more. (We've always wanted to say that.) This site basically tracks every little bit of music your computer plays—from Awesome Playlist #12 on iTunes to that catchy Danish band from your Pandora feed—and stores it in one, easily accessible place. Before long, you'll have an online music library filled with everything from MP3s to the audio from that Shakira video you watched over lunch (your exhaustive research into the movement of the human hip continues to pay dividends). And better yet, you can listen to that library whenever, wherever.

And that's our last Shakira reference, we promise.

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