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Movies on Demand, on Your Phone

UD - mSpot Your phone does a lot.

It rates beauty, dodges traffic and makes the occasional phone call.

And while all that's well and good, you get the feeling it could do just a bit more. We're thinking a screening of The Godfather is a good start.

Introducing Mobile Movies—the first mobile site around that enables you to stream the latest popcorn flicks and indie dramas on your phone—available today.

The site works on more than 30 different smart phones (your brick phone, somehow, is not on the list) and goes where neither Netflix nor Blockbuster has gone before (i.e. your phone). Starting now, you'll have full, anytime access to 350 movies and growing—with Inglourious Basterds already in the pipeline—thanks to partnerships with studios like Paramount Pictures and Universal.

Imagine the possibilities: catch Ferris Bueller's Day Off while ditching work at the de Young, stream Crossing Over in the airport en route to Sayulita or take in Zack and Miri Make a Porno on that conference call with marketing.

To get started, just browse the listings or preview the free trailers to find a title you want to watch, order it à la carte or join the monthly membership, then stream it instantly. Like a video store, you'll have access to movies for a day or up to five.

Just without any annoying clerks.

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