Who Blinkas First

Missed Connections, Found

Blinka You remember her.

That brunette you saw at the bar. The one who made eyes at you over her martini, proceeded to walk toward you and…headed out the door without saying a word.

Call us crazy, but we think you shared a moment.

Here to reconnect you: Blinka.me, a new website that's devoted to helping you find that diamond in the rough (again), in beta now.

Now, we know you've never, ever had trouble getting a number, but maybe, hypothetically (on occasion) you've had trouble finding it later. For those rare instances, this is basically Craigslist's Missed Connections, but much, much easier to use (and without all the creepiness). Just go online, enter in the time (9pm), the place (outside your local dive), what happened (she went to light a cigarette, you held up a match, you discovered a shared love of Captain and Tennille's later work), and step back.

The genius part is what this means for her. If she felt it, too (and we think she did), then she goes to the site, and—as part of a desperate bid to recapture the magic that is a fleeting encounter with you—she just types in her own version of events. And then, thanks to a magical matchmaking algorithm, it figures out who's trying to meet whom, and sends you both an email to announce the match and put the two of you in touch. What happens from there is up to you…

Just don't lose the email.

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