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Buy a Sports Car for Under $5

UD - Winnit Everyone loves a good auction—the ceremony, the gavel, the opportunity to intensely study art nudes.

If only someone would come up with a way to do it online. Oh, right—eBay.

Okay, if only someone came up with a way to do it online, but where you win for having the lowest bid.

Introducing Winnit.com, your new home for anti-auction auctions, online now.

Think of it as the un-eBay: instead of winning with the highest bid, you win with the lowest. More specifically: you win with the lowest bid that no one else has submitted—and because it's all hidden online, there's a little bit of game theory at play. (And, come on, who doesn't love game theory…) Take that plasma TV you've been lusting after. Log on, and submit your bid (we're going with $.26). If no one else bids that amount (please don't)—and if a bunch of other people bid a quarter or less—the flat-screen is yours. This ends up looking sort of like The Price Is Right meets guess-the-marbles, but with really, really cool stuff. You can place as many bids as you want, but it costs around a buck each time. Then, just sit back and let the system work for you.

And unlike eBay, you won't be angling for someone's used Wall Street DVD—instead, you'll have your pick of everything from PlayStations and laptops to a Porsche Cayman. Not to mention a three-night stay in Vegas…

Don't screw up our bid that's in at $2.42.

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