Here's the Pitch

We're Getting You an Endorsement Contract

UD - Udorse You're no sell out. 

However, if—and we're just spitballing here—someone wanted to help you capitalize on your envy-inducing day-to-day...well, that might be something that would interest you.

Allow us to introduce you to Udorse, a new site that helps you finally sell out with just one mouse click, in private beta now.

Step one: keep living your usual, mind-blowing life. Step two: make sure someone's taking photos. (Probably not a problem.) Then, after signing up—and posting those photos to Facebook—you'll want to start tagging your pics with "udorsements," or little bubbles that say, for instance, what you were wearing last night (sequined glove, one hand only), where you were wearing it (the Hotel du Cap), and what you were nearly spilling on it (just some local bubbly you picked out with your companion, "Alba, J.")

And because your friends—fans, really—breathlessly await your every move, they'll begin clicking on the "bubbles" to learn every last detail. And if they end up using your link to buy something, you'll get a 25 percent cut of the profits (so long as the brand is one of Udorse's partners). They've got two fashion brands so far (American Apparel and Armani, together at last) but are already building a roster. And your empire has begun…

Try not to let it get to your head.

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