Helmut Required

$430K Worth of Nudes...for $150

UD - Sumo One silver lining to this whole economic-crisis cloud: your naked bodies now cost a lot less.

Exhibit A: Helmut Newton's Sumo, a book that just so happens to be a collection of art nudes by a guy who was once the world's most famous photographer, now available for preorder at a recession-friendly 99 percent discount.

Exhibit B: there is no exhibit B.

But A isn't bad—ten years ago, this 464-page, 66-pound mythical beast of a coffee-table book was introduced, comprised of face-melting nudes from the German photographer who knew more than anyone else how to make mortal women look like out-of-this world goddesses. (There might have been some other photos, too, but who cares.)

The list price was $15,000—one copy even resold for $430,000—but that was 1999. Today, the same startling bodices, the same flawless European models, the same swimsuited Daryl Hannah in her prime—all go for less than two hundos. The reissue's a little smaller and lighter, but otherwise it's the same nearly 500 pages of high-end art nudes you deserve.

Think of it as a harem for your coffee table.

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