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A Finishing Touch Unlike Any Other

UD - Filius So it's the weekend. Almost. You feel good. And hey—you look good.

But you're missing something to take your night from good to great. A bit of panache to separate you from the riffraff.

You know, like a bow tie made of varnished birch bark. Welcome to Filius Design, the new online home for all your outfitting-by-tree needs.

Brought to you by the proprietors of the late, great, just-off-Third-Street gentlemen's den All Purpose (RIP), this website serves as a one-stop (virtual) shop to channel your inner dandy-lumberjack, hooking you up with a crazy eye-catcher for your next boardroom session or trip down the red carpet (would've been great for that Taking Woodstock premiere).

On the more practical side, they can also get you a custom button-down to wear it with. Just choose measurements, style (maybe you want epaulets, maybe not) and your favorite swath of Japanese cotton, and your resulting masterpiece will be sewn up here in LA in just a few days...

Meanwhile, your oak tuxedo is finally complete.

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