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7 Photos The Women of John Hughes
UD - The Women of John Hughes 7 Photos The Women of John Hughes
It's been a tough week.

We've been mourning, and we're sure you have been, too. After all, a hero to us all has gone on to that great big director's chair in the sky.

In times like these, however, it's best to focus on the positive and remember the vast number of extremely sexy women he brought into our lives. (He really was a saint like that...)

And that's precisely why we've put together this slideshow of The Women of John Hughes. We're pretty sure it's one of Kübler-Ross's stages of grief.

As you can see, the man obviously had an eye for talent. (And not just the ladies. He made Broderick a mensch, and Cryer never topped Duckie—our apologies to Two and a Half Men.) And while the list of movies he directed is nothing short of mind-blowing (Weird Science, The Breakfast Club), you can also thank him for coming up with classic characters like Mr. Mom and Clark Griswold.

Which reminds us: he also gave us iconic shots of beautiful women. Think of Christie Brinkley charming Chevy Chase into going skinny-dipping in Vacation. Or Mia Sara inspiring the best day of Ferris Bueller's life. (Okay, Cameron's dad's Ferrari helped.) Or Kelly LeBrock—a computer-generated perfect woman—wearing a cleavage-baring prom dress on her first night out in Weird Science. And, of course, gentlemen who prefer redheads are still thanking him for Molly Ringwald.

The road to closure begins here. Or actually here.

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