Waze of the Future

Dodging Traffic? There's an App for That

UD - Waze You've never been one to let traffic—let alone Johnny Law—slow you down.

That's why you use a few foolproof ways of zipping around town—timing the lights, taking on hills most people avoid and, when all else fails, throwing that undercover siren on the dash. (Hey, losing your 8 o'clock table would be an emergency…)

And now there's a new weapon for your arsenal: Waze, a stealth network of motorists dedicated to dishing dirt on the best shortcuts, the worst traffic jams and, most important, where to dodge the fuzz, available now in iPhone app form.

Here's what you do: get in your car, crank up your tunes and fire this thing up. Behold, as a map of real-time driving info appears before your eyes. (Consider it your own personal, up-to-the-minute eye-in-the-sky.) Suddenly, you're weaving through side streets, re-routing over to Gough, and sparing yourself the coronary that is sitting in a traffic jam on Van Ness.

Not only that, but thanks to your fellow drivers, you'll soon be getting alerts for open parking spots (feel free to tell your date they were holding it for you). You'll also see where the cops have set up their speed traps—the next best thing to having a guy on the inside.

Though that would help, too.

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