Joy Yee Plus

A River Runs Through It

Chinatown's New Sushi Den

UD - Joy Yee Plus You've always been the type to color outside the lines. You consider speed limits a friendly suggestion and white after Labor Day—well, you'll just see how you feel in September.

For now, all you want is a little Japanese food. Oh—and you want it in Chinatown.

Here to satisfy your capricious appetites, Joy Yee Plus, the latest and—dare we say—the craziest new addition to this pan-Asian culinary empire.

Consider your Dragon Roll a mere warm-up act before you quickly venture into the more daring realms of Unagi Popper (jalapeño slices with cream cheese and eel) or the Heart Attack (spicy tuna-stuffed jalapeños). By then, you'll be ready to go all-out samurai by wielding skewers of Japanese-style grilled beef.

This Joy Yee takes over space in the center of Chinatown Square last occupied by the original (now just a few doors down). While the handsome communal tables mean you'll still have to squeeze in next to your neighbors, the vibrant gold-orange tile walls, green opalescent floors and funky HD screens mean you won't mind bringing someone you'd actually like getting close to.

In fact, in a move that might make you think you're in South Beach rather than the South Side, you'll find a flashy river of koi zigzagging underneath your feet in the dining room.

But no fishing.


Joy Yee Plus
2159 S. China Pl
(in Chinatown Square)
Chicago, IL 60616

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