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UD - Miami Vintage Guitars Let's face it. Guitar Hero will only get you so far. When it comes to scoring with groupies, rocking out with an O-face and perfecting that face-melting 12-minute guitar solo, you're going to need something a bit more…real.

That's where Miami Vintage Guitars comes in, a little-known source for the rarest, golden god-est guitars in the city.

Run by a self-professed guitar obsessive (who also performs surgery on human beings during the day), this dealership feels a lot like Keith Richards's attic, a treasure chest of all things classic and strummable. Whether you're looking for a '59 Gibson Les Paul or just something really badass and Hendrix-y, you'll want to come here.

It's only open Saturdays, but if you make an appointment a day in advance, they'll let you have the run of the place, plus custom-design any instrument for you or even hook you up with a musician if you need lessons.

Once you've got your ax of choice, you can get the band back together and start touring Asia again. 

Don't stop believing.


Miami Vintage Guitars
7760 W. 20th Ave
Miami, FL, 33012

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