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Dr. Evil's Desk, and Other Home Essentials

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UD - 20th Century Props Webcast Auction

Generally we're here to discuss reasons not to stay at home.

But honestly, the real party's sometimes at your place. Which, frankly, could use some spiffing up. With, say, Dr. Evil's stylish desk.

So you might want to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring some Hollywood history into your home—20th Century Props is closing its doors, but not before a blowout of an auction starting tomorrow.

Long doing business as Hollywood's go-to stop for all sorts of furniture and oddities, the 120,000-square-foot warehouse is bowing out with an auction so big, they haven't even come close to cataloging it all yet.

Which means, if you do some digging—either on-site or online—you just might end up with a chaise from Moulin Rouge. Or some oversize turquoise couches from The Mask. Some Titanic chandeliers. Or maybe a seven-foot champagne glass that Beyoncé and Dita Von Teese have bathed in. (Finally, something that works with the 14-foot bottle you've got in there now.)

Keep at it, and you'll unearth everything from Jurassic Park's Velociraptor skeletons to X-Files aliens to a red hand chair from The Office.

As far as we know, Dwight and Angela never had sex in it.


20th Century Props Webcast Auction
11651 Hart St
North Hollywood, CA 91605

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