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Local Beer Info at Your Fingertips

Beer. You like it. It's good to you.

And with that love comes a thirst for knowledge—cold, refreshing, foam-topped knowledge, by the pint, six-pack and keg.

And it's about to be quenched.

Say hello to the South Florida Beer Blog, your definitive guide to all things beer, from Palm Beach to South Miami.

Part community website, part diary of an obsessed suds enthusiast, the site is chock-full of useful information pertaining to your favorite ice-cold refresher. There's a well-maintained events calendar, keeping you plugged-in to everything from beer tastings at Abraxas Lounge to Slow Food beer-pairing dinners at Lola's in Hollywood to beer-lover meet ups in Boca (some say enablers, we say soul mates).

Do a bit more clicking, and you'll find some admirably in-depth beer reviews, breaking down all facets of the alcoholic brew, from hoppiness to something called "mouthfeel" (it's sort of like "stomachfeel," only higher).

And just in case the blog leaves you thirsty for more lager-laced information, you can also follow the beer-appenings on Twitter.

Consider it virtual double-fisting.

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