A Moveable Feast

Wine Tastings Wherever You Want

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - WineLifeStyle At your last all-staff team-building day, you walked away with an oversize T-shirt and a newfound appreciation for cubicle boundaries.

What you could have used was a sweet, hazy, wine-induced buzz.

Here to make that happen: the lovely ladies of WineLifeStyle, a mobile wine-tasting squad ready to customize your next cab-soaked event.

Started by two women with more than 20 years in the wine importing business, this roving wine party is fully customizable, from intimate tasting sessions for you and nine of your friends to five-course pairing dinners that incorporate obscure vintages from countries you've barely heard of (like "Australia").

Call on them next time you're looking to impress that client with the Château Lafite obsession or woo that malbec-wielding Argentinean you met standing in line at Epicure. They'll set everything up in the location of your choice—your back patio, a shady corner of the park, Conference Room B—it's all fair game.

But if you're making T-shirts, we take a large.

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