Exotic Meats at Savenor's Market

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Python Filets and Bear Cutlets in Beacon Hill

UD - Exotic Meats at Savenor's Market Cobra-infused liquor from the Vietnamese jungle. A case of Westvleteren beer smuggled to you from a Belgian monastery. Or that exchange student from Chile you met in the Back Bay…

We know your tastes lean to the rare and exotic.

So when we heard a city landmark was holding a variety of meats behind the butcher counter that goes beyond the simple Wagyu or smoked wild boar bacon (not that there's anything wrong with either of those), we thought it would be cruel not to bring it to your attention. Vegans: stop reading now.

The rest of you, here's the deal: Savenor's Market, known for its gourmet goodies and fresh produce, works with game reserves all over the planet to bring in a veritable Wild Kingdom of exotic meats for your sampling pleasure. Some meats they'll cut to your liking, like the bear steaks, some they'll sell to you prepackaged, like the deep-fried alligator tails and turtle meat (try it slow-cooked).

Depending on when you swing by, they'll also have everything from yak thighs and lion steaks to pheasant sausage and python filets, and they can tell you what's on the chopping block or what's available for preorder, so it's probably best to call ahead if you're hungry for veal brains.

And who isn't in mid-July.


Exotic Meats at Savenor's Market
160 Charles St
Beacon Hill
Boston, MA, 02114

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