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If some of the world's greatest figures were around today, how would they be different? Would Cleopatra have posed for Playboy? Would Lou Gehrig have used steroids? Would Einstein have Twittered?

And while you'll just have to imagine Cleo's centerfold and the Iron Horse on juice, we're proud to announce that you can, at last, see just what Albert's Twitter would have looked like.

The source of this great discovery: iWise, a site devoted to collecting words of wisdom from the famous and (often) dead, and tweeting them out one quote at a time.

Think of it as your new source for sparkling dinner-party bons mots (don't feel bad, everyone runs dry once in a while). Once you sign up, you get daily quotes via a Twitter-like stream (dubbed, unfortunately, a Wisdom Tree). You can follow by wiseguy or topic—so whether you follow Clarence Darrow or Laws and Lawyers, you'll still get nuggets like "The trouble with law is lawyers." (Clearly, the man was not a Michael Clayton fan.) 

There's also an iPhone app that delivers wit on the go, which should come in handy next time you need the perfect words for when things get out of hand. (Hint: "Better belly burst than good liquor be lost," Jonathan Swift.)

You can also submit your own quotes to iWise, which creates a page where people will be able to follow you. Which means you can finally start the cult your pearls of wisdom have long deserved.

Sadly, "Beer before liquor…" is already taken.

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