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Long Live Lasers

UD - We Have Lasers Lasers—from cutting-edge weaponry and Bond films to…corrective eye surgery, they make nearly everything cooler. And for a few short, glorious years—we'll call them the late '80s and early '90s—they were the ultimate way to make your school portraits awesome.

So naturally, they're being resurrected by our old friend, the Internet.

Introducing We Have Lasers, a photo blog devoted to the unholy union of class photos and, yes, lasers, online now.

Sure, 2009's been a banner year for ironic picture blogs. (You might remember Awkward Family Photos.) But there's something extra-fantastic about this one, which hilariously captures that awesome, pre-Photoshop era (roughly '88 to '92) where every kid in the world was begging his mom to drop a few extra bucks on laser effects for that annual ritual, the grade school portrait. At last, those photos have been unearthed, thanks to submissions from dozens of devoted nostalgists—including a charmingly goofy entry from singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. (Proving yet again he's better seen than heard.)

Submitting is easy, of course, but it's more fun to cruise what's already there. It's a big awkward time capsule—big-haired girls posing next to props with their years ("1988: a great year for lasers!"), smooth-looking guys wearing Southwestern prints and enough oversized eyeglasses for a hipster convention.

And you know how you love a good hipster convention.

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