Hotel Maya

Get Out of Dodge

Floating Cabanas by the Bay

This always happens.

A holiday weekend comes…and goes. Come the ides of Wednesday, you need another getaway more than ever.

A quick jaunt down to your floating cabana should do it—Hotel Maya is now open in Long Beach.

Think of this place as your new off-the-radar spot for your off-the-radar doings—enough Latin character to be respectable, not so extravagantly flashy as to be drawing any undue attention your way. You've got your choice of nearly 200 rooms and suites, and plenty of private balconies looking out on the water.

And speaking of water—in addition to the bay, the ocean and the pool, there's also a water canal which has, yes, a private floating cabana with your name on it. All the joys of hopping on a boat, minus the part where you actually have to do anything. Plus vodka.

But before you think you might not want to be shelling out too much for your Long Beach sojourn, you should know they've concocted a pretty solid opening special to get you there. From July 15 through the end of the year, the "Mayan Journey" package includes a room, Mexicali chocolate, breakfast, sangria tasting, three-course dinner and a water taxi into town—for $149 per person.

You can make that up in sangria alone.


Hotel Maya
700 Queensway Dr
Long Beach, CA 90802

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