Sweat Shop

Sledgehammers. Tractor Tires. You.

The recent hot temps and pervasive beach ops have got you thinking about your body.

It's good. (We especially like what you've done with your calves.) But it could be better.

So, obviously, you need a sledgehammer.

Welcome to LegacyFit, your new fitness warehouse.

Think of LegacyFit as what would happen if Rocky Balboa opened up a gym in Miami just months after using his innovative cabin training to defeat Ivan Drago in Moscow. The place has every unconventional training tool known to the six-packing community—from monster tractor tires to poundable sledgehammers to something called a "dumbbell."

Just say the word, and LegacyFit's owner and head trainer, a passionate dude named Manning Sumner (who just happened to play a little linebacker for Auburn), will embark on a quest to get you 15 pounds lighter, or your pecs 50 percent bulgier, or to land you on the cover of a publication so hardcore fitness-oriented, it makes Flex magazine look like Boys' Life. (If you can dream it, you can be it.)

To start things off, grab three friends (two of which are the fairer species) and enroll in the LegacyFit Boot Camp Challenge: eight grueling, sweat-churning Boot Camp workouts packed into August, culminating with a timed Final Challenge, the winners of which score two tickets to Europe and a cool grand of cash each.

Don't spend it all on one cheesecake.


77 NE 24th St
Miami, FL 33137

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