A Little Monthly International Intrigue

UrbanDaddy - Stacked Look, today's your second day back from a long weekend, and one thing's starting to become clear: It's gonna be a long week. So why not take a minute and relax.

In fact, you should probably start making a habit out of this. Take the time—say, once a month—to just sit back and contemplate what's going on in the world. Not the depressing headlines, either—the isn't-it-great-to-be-alive kind of stuff.

Yes, we're talking about scantily-clad Finnish anarchists.

Introducing Stack, a new antidote to worldly boredom in magazine form, delivered monthly directly to your mailbox.

Consider it your entrée into a world of international delights heretofore unknown to unassuming westerners (you) with a taste for some sexy underground gloss (also you). Every month, the service sends you one new magazine from some far-flung corner of the planet—so come August, you could be perusing the latest in crazy Dutch photography (courtesy of Foam); come September, reading about Russia's weirdest dads (courtesy of Russia!, naturally); and come October, ogling those aforementioned Finnish girls (Kasino)—who, in some cases, just so happen to be anarchists (call it a win-win).

Of course, we know you might not have time to actually read these things. Happily, Stack's roster includes some of the world's handsomest magazines, so they'll look right at home on your coffee table—and hey, you won't have to spend time convincing visitors you've skimmed The Economist.

Finnish anarchists can be distracting like that.
Note: Accepting subscriptions <a target="_blank" href="http://www.stackmagazines.com/subscribe/">now</a>

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