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Make Your Own Pixar Flick

UrbanDaddy - Xtra Normal We know you had the idea for Transformers 2 way before Michael Bay did.

Obviously, he's not a visionary like you. If you had cameras, some lights, a key grip, a $100mil CGI budget, a certain Fox-y actress and some crazy editing software…just imagine what you could have accomplished.

So we're giving it all to you. Okay, not really—but we are telling you about the next best thing.

Presenting Xtra Normal, a new website that turns your humble script ideas into animated Pixar-worthy Oscar-bait.

First, dust off that red-lighted screenplay you cranked out on a stack of cocktail napkins. Type in some dialogue, and then select your characters' facial expressions, accents and actions (from "Victory is mine" to "D'oh"). Change camera angles like a madman, or tear down sets Christian Bale–style. When everything's perfect, shout—or more precisely, click—"Action!" Then the site transforms your masterpiece into a YouTube-ready animated short film.

And when you're not feeling the creative itch, sit back and watch your fellow users' flicks. (Search for "Killer Clown.") You can even improve on them by "remixing" them to your own whims—which is more than we could say for Pearl Harbor.

Because all you really want to do is…edit.

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